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Vertical Core Shooting Machine Improving Efficiency by Fully Automatic Technology

Date of release:2019-04-11 Author: Click:

Vertical core-shooting machine uses full-automatic technology to improve efficiency. At present, the speed of full-automatic technology development in our country is very advanced, and it is widely used in all kinds of machinery. Vertical core-shooting machine is no exception. Nowadays, there are many kinds of core shooters produced in our country, but most of them have fully automatic operation technology. So why does the core-shooting opportunity use full-automatic technology? In fact, this is inseparable from the benefits of full-automatic technology to improve production efficiency. The improvement of production efficiency is mainly expounded from two aspects.

With the popularization of automatic technology, the production mode of multi-machine with one person has been realized in China. Yes, before that, a person was operating a device to meet the needs of production. Even the most skilled producers have a limited number of core-shooters. Two are the limit. However, the automatic core shooter will not have such trouble. Generally, as long as the production parameters of the equipment are set well, then it can manage the next equipment without worrying about other equipment. So this will increase the efficiency of production.

Vertical core-shooting machine uses full-automatic technology to improve efficiency, production time is not limited. According to relevant data, the production efficiency of core-shooting machine with full-automatic technology is more than two or three times as high as that without full-automatic technology. Why? Actually, the automatic production technology does not need people to carry out actual operation, as long as the production parameters are set, it can ensure that the machine can be in production for a long time. Of course, this is as long as people have the raw materials ready for production.

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