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Technical Indicators of Core Box Hardening of Vertical Core Shooting Machine

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The technical index of core box hardening of vertical core-shooting machine and the exhaust system of core box designed by exhaust pipeline are very important for hardening, reducing the leakage of triethylamine gas and triethylamine residue in core. The exhaust volume should be designed to be more than three times the intake volume. Minimize the use of pipe elbows and T-shaped nozzles. The pressure on the exhaust surface of the core box during sand blowing and hardening should be +1 PSI. The dew point of air used for drying sand blowing and hardened air to make thin sand cores should be - 500F at atmospheric pressure. The dew point of air used in manufacturing large sand cores can also be used at - 100F by freeze dryer.

Air drying is important because water can condense in the shooting chamber and react with the second component of resin to affect the bond strength of sand. Water also affects the compactness of sand core and reduces its strength. Note that moisture can come from blowing air from the following sources. Generally, manual operation requires manual operation of the production parameters of each link. In addition, people are also required to carry production materials, so as to ensure the smooth production. In this way, the efficiency of its production will be greatly reduced.

The technical specifications of core box hardening for vertical core-shooting machine are that the temperature of hardened gas should be kept between 100 and 1500F in intake system. Some devices are heated before air enters the generator. Most of the pipes produced by the foam generator have insulation devices. The importance of amine mixture and purified air temperature is that the higher the mixing temperature of foaming generator is, the stronger the catalyst is. Pipeline insulation can reduce the possibility of catalyst condensation in the pipeline. The hardening time is maintained at a certain temperature.

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