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Solution to the problem of blocked exhaust of hot box core shooter

Date of release:2019-04-11 Author: Click:

I believe that many friends who use hot box core shooter should have encountered the problem of poor exhaust, and now the commonly used method is exhaust plug, exhaust slot exhaust. But these methods will increase our cleaning capacity and may cause loosening. In order to better solve this problem, let's look at the way to solve the problem of blocked exhaust of hot box core shooter.

Because the core of water jacket has thin wall and arc shape, it can not open large exhaust plug in the inner cavity of the core box, but the exhaust efficiency of 6 exhaust plug is not good and easy to be blocked. Sand cores are often discarded because of loose or unsatisfactory core injection. If an exhaust slot is set up to exhaust, on the one hand, sand runoff will occur. On the other hand, the local exhaust duct which needs to be set up to exhaust at the local position can not lead out of the core box.

Solution: Combine the two exhaust methods of exhaust groove and exhaust plug, and set up the exhaust groove where the outlet groove is needed on the groove surface of the core box. However, the exhaust groove does not directly pass out of the core box, but opens the exhaust plug in the exhaust groove. The airflow entering the exhaust groove is discharged out of the core cavity through the exhaust plug or the exhaust hole. After the sand flow enters the exhaust groove, under the action of the exhaust plug, the gas is discharged, the sand grains are left behind, and a compact sand core is formed with the core cavity and groove.

About the solution is the knowledge introduced above, I hope you can seriously understand these knowledge. If you have other knowledge you need to know, you can also contact us.

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